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                  Sandie Cunningham
    Member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy
                           DABCH; MCAHyp; Cert. Ed.
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Is This You?

  • Appear confident on the outside but inside you're struggling to cope?
  • In a constant state of worry, anxiety or stress ?
  • Unable to relax tense muscles in shoulders, neck and back of head?
  • Unable to sleep right through the night because of negative thoughts?
  • Unable to move on with your life because of fears, phobias, grief or anger?
  • Desperate to lose/gain weight  because of health worries?
  • Do you have  - Diabetes?  IBS? Depression?  Low self-esteem?  Fatigue?
If the answer is yes to any of these then -

I can help you!


Every thought you have causes chemical changes in your body -
therefore the way you think is very important to your health.
Negative thoughts not only make you feel bad but they can
actually damage your health.

ANGER affects your adrenal glands.
FEAR - your heart, blood pressure and circulation.
ANXIETY - your digestive system
Long term STRESS can damage your IMMUNE system
- making you more vulnerable to a variety of minor immune
deficiency conditions as well as more serious diseases.

However, the good news is that hypnotherapy
can help change the way you think,  by helping you take control
of your thoughts, to help improve your health and your life!
After all - worry is just negative imagination!

Hypnotherapy is completely safe - (endorsed by the British Medical Association)
and has no negative or unwanted side effects - unlike many prescription drugs!

And it's never too late to change your life for the better


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