Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy is a relatively simple way of going back in this life (or to a previous life) to find the root cause of phobias, traumas etc which may be causing us physical or mental problems now.

Patrick Holford (Author of 'The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People')
says the following

The experience of life means that we inevitably accumulate emotional tension and unresolved memories from the past. The more disturbing of these become deep-rooted negative emotional patterns that unconsciously determine how we react to the stresses of life. Our task, as healthy adults, is to flush out and let go of the emotional patterns from the past that mess up our lives and no longer serve us. By discharging negative emotions attached to past memories we become more able to respond spontaneously in any given moment, allowing us to be more present in our relationships and to the gifts of the world around us.

Emotions literally store in our cellular memory throughout our lives. They can manifest as physical tension, causing a variety of health problems including headaches, ulcers, IBS and more serious illnesses including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Extreme emotions affect heart function, depress the immune system and inhibit digestion.
When we react emotionally these reactions are automatic and physical, literally flooding your brain and body with neurotransmitters associated with the stress response. They take over the rational mind, stop you being able to listen and lead to irrational reactions and behaviour.  These reaction patterns are learned early in life and can be changed into more functional responses by coming to an understanding of how our past programmes us to respond automatically to current events.