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Sandie Cunningham

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Self-help for preventing/fighting Cancer

I am happy to offer one free session of hypnotherapy to cancer sufferers - providing I have the time available - all I ask in return is a small donation to one of the animal charities I support!
Please e-mail for details

Worried about cancer?

If you have cancer or would like to take steps to help prevent from getting it in the future - there are a number of things you can do which will help your body.

1. Be aware of conditions that encourage the development and growth of cancer cells:-

(a) Cancer cells thrive on SUGAR - so eat as little as possible - look out for 'hidden sugar' in tinned beans, soups, cereals etc.etc.(Cola is loaded with it!)

(b) Cancer cells thrive in acidic conditions in the body - so make it as alkaline as possible by cutting right down on animal protein - especially red meat (which makes it acid) and by eating lots of fresh (organic if possible) vegetables - which makes it alkaline.

Super foods for fighting cancer are:-

Broccoli, Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Watercress, Garlic

Apples, Apricots, Cranberries, Blackberries, Cantaloupe Melon.

Almonds, Walnuts, Beans, Lentils, Most herbs, Olive oil

Be very careful to avoid moldy or rancid food - especially nuts, fats and cheese.

Also avoid smoked, barbequed and salt-cured food and processed meat, food additives, artificial sweeteners (especially Aspartame) and overheated oil.

(c) Cancer cells thrive in low oxygen conditions so make sure you are getting lots of oxygen into your blood by deep breathing exercises and regular aerobic exercise. Make sure that you are not anaemic and take organic flax oil mixed with cottage cheese regularly -which helps the blood carry more oxygen. (See DR. Budwig diet further below) NB it's not advisable to take iron supplements as the body has problems getting rid of too much (see your doctor).

Cutting down on dairy products - milk, cream, butter and cheese MAY help prevent/fight cancer.
In China people have an extremely low incidence of cancer - especially breast cancer but if they move to the West or change to a Western diet - their incidence of cancer has been shown to rise to that of westerners.
The Chinese consume very little dairy and rarely give their babies cow's milk  - if they can't breast feed they find someone who can breastfeed their baby. Breastfeeding is also thought to protect  mothers from developing breast cancer.

Denmark has the highest consumption of dairy products and also the
highest rates of cancer!

Most of us will develop cancer cells in our bodies several times during our life times but if we are healthy our immune systems quickly and easily destroy them.
However, constant, long term  (negative) stress has been shown to damage our immune system  - so anything that helps reduce this stress will be beneficial.

Hypnotherapy can not claim to cure cancer but it can help in a number of ways:-
a. Reduces Stress
It provides relaxation at a very deep level for both body and mind.
This helps you to manage stress more easily and so boosts your immune system.
b. It can help develop a more positive attitude (which can make all the difference to recovery)

c. Hypnohealing (*see for details near end ) can encourage the subconscious mind to assist much more vigorously in the self healing process -
After all -
All Healing is really Self-Healing!

Visualisation and guided imagery can be used much more effectively under hypnosis.

Meditation is also very useful for stress management but many people find this difficult - an easier way is to learn self-hypnosis from your hypnotherapist.

Avoid Pollutants and Contaminants
Any pollutants (unwanted chemical substances) getting on or into our bodies may interfere with our body chemistry and encourage/cause cancer - so we should avoid them as much as possible.

Organic food fruit and veg. may not taste any different to us (animals such as rabbits can tell the difference!) but they are not soaked in chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides (which can gradually build up in our body) as are our 'perfect looking' mass produced produce.
Potatoes are generally very contaminated - buying organic ones means that you can safely eat the skin (which contain all the vitamins) and there is less waste.
If you can't afford organic peel and wash very well - the more perfect  -the more washing it needs. NB Adding a little white vinegar to the water will help remove pollutants .

Organic, free range animals will hopefully have had happier, less stressful lives and will not have been injected with antibiotics or growth hormones or covered in organophosphate's to prevent skin conditions and parasitic worms.
If we eat 'factory-farmed animals' (including 'farmed' fish) not only are we ingesting the man-made drugs it's been treated with but also the stress hormones produced by the animal itself  - because it has been raised and slaughtered in very stressful conditions.They are often fed on cheap, poor quality processed food which in turn makes up the meat.

Far better to eat small amounts of dearer, good quality, organic meat, eggs, and milk than large amounts of cheap rubbish. If you put 'rubbish',  contaminated fuel in your car it would soon start to go wrong!

Processed food, ready meals etc are usually lacking in natural vitamins (which are destroyed during the process) and have lots of artificial additives -
simple, fresh food has far more goodness.

I am personally convinced that most of us don't eat a good balanced diet partly because of the way food is produced and also because of the way we cook it, therefore I feel that a 'good' multi-vitamin and mineral supplement can only do good for most people (check with your doctor).
Studies have shown that high strength vitamin C tablets and D3 appear to help cancer patients and vitamin B complex helps people with stress.
(NB lack of sunshine caused a deficiency in D3)

Chlorinated water should be avoided when possible by using a filter,
drinking bottled water, boiling it or leaving it to stand to release the chlorine gas.
Spending a long time in a hot power-shower can cause us to breath  chlorine gas into our lungs - which should be avoided..

Plastic-bottled drinking water should be stored carefully as fumes from strong smelling substances e.g. cleaning fluids, fire lighters etc. can pass through the plastic and contaminate the water.
Never leave plastic water bottles in sunshine for long periods (especially in the car)  as the water can absorb chemicals from the plastic.

Avoid cooking food in the microwave in plastic containers or in cling film to prevent chemicals in the plastic going into the food.
Glass is the safest option. Remove ready meals into glass or ceramic containers to heat.

Avoid putting anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth - it may appear waterproof but will absorb small amounts of your bath foam, shampoo, deodorant etc, etc, The simpler and more natural the ingredient the better - special Alum crystals make a good and relatively safe deodorant.
Spraying deodorants allows them to enter our lungs so roll on is better.
Hair dyes, especially permanent ones, should be used with care as a link has been shown between certain dyes containing paraphenylenediamine and bladder cancer.

In the modern home we are surrounded by cocktails of chemicals - air fresheners (potpourri is better!) spray polish, paint etc.may be breathed in.
Cleaning fluids, flea powders and collars, weed killers etc.should be used sparingly and with great care.
New synthetic furniture, carpets, mattresses etc often give off chemical fumes we inhale.
To make our homes 'safer' we should open windows regularly (get a through draft), unpack new items and let them air out in a spare, well ventilated room for a few days before using.(if possible)
Have house- plants such as 'Spider plants and 'Peace lilies' around the home - as these filter the air.

We should avoid too much contact with electrical goods and keep clocks, mobile phones,radios etc. well away from our heads when we are in bed. I don't think it's a good idea to have a mobile phone on your person all day - we still know too little about long term effects.

The best overall advise is  -  'Everything in moderation'
for what may be the latest health product today may turn out to be
banned a year later.

People DO recover from cancer but this is often not recorded anywhere.

Never give up hope and don't let the medical profession put a 'Hex' on you by telling you how long you've got - they are often wrong and they should stop playing God!

Prayer is probably the best Self-Help there is!

Visualise yourself fit and healthy - keep that picture in your head.

Some people say that they have been healed by laughter  -
try 'laughing yoga' classes, watch funny videos etc.

Try singing - sing your favourite songs/hymns (Christmas Carols are very uplifting) around the house , join a group for fun singing
or if you're a really good singer join a choir, try karaoke.

Dance , paint, get creative, help others.
Live and have fun while you are alive!

Books that I have found useful about recovering from cancer:-

Getting Well Again by  Stephanie Matthews-Simonton
                                       and James L. Creighton

Spontaneous Healing   by Andrew Weil, MD ( All his books are excellent!)

Love, Medicine and Miracles
Peace, Love and Healing

both are by Bernie Seigel MD - he has also made 'Healing' CD's

Bloomsbury Good Health Guide by Dr. P. Pietroni

Joining a self help support group may help - such as the Cancer Buddies Network (CBN) www.cancerbuddiesnetwork.org. This is an online network for any one , anywhere who is suffering from cancer. You can communicate via the lively 24/7 forum or have one to one messaging on site.

God bless you!

Extra info below from Patrick Holford and Dr. Budwig!

Dr. Budwig Diet (a friend used this on her dog who had pancreatic cancer - the vet gave him a few days - he lived another 18 months pain free)

The Budwig Diet
The Budwig diet has been successfully helping people with cancer, but also Arthritis, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Multiple sclerosis, Heart Disease, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and other chronic conditions.

.To make the Budwig Muesli, blend 3 Tablespoons (British dessert spoons) of flaxseed oil (FO) with 6 Tbps low-fat (less than 2%) Quark or Cottage Cheese (CC) with a hand-held immersion electric blender for up to a minute If the mixture is too thick and/or the oil does not disappear you may need to add 2 or 3 Tablespoons of milk (goat milk would be the best option). Do not add water or juices when blending FO with CC or quark. The mixture should be like rich whipped cream with no separated oil. Remember you must mix ONLY the FO and CC and nothing else at first. Always use organic food products when possible.
■Now once the FO and CC are well mixed grind 2 Tbps of whole flaxseeds and add to the mixture. Please note that freshly ground flax seeds must be used within 20 minutes after being ground or they will become rancid. Therefore, do not grind up flaxseeds ahead of time and store.
■Next mix in by hand or with the blender 1 teaspoon of honey (raw non-pasteurized is recommended)
■(Optional) For variety you may add other ingredients such as sugar free apple sauce, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon juice, chopped almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews (no peanuts), pine kernels, rosehip-marrow. For people who find the Budwig Muesli hard to take these added foods will make the mixture more palatable. Some of our patients have even added a pinch of Celtic sea salt and others put in a pinch of cayenne pepper for a change
■(Optional) Dr. Harvey Diamond who wrote a book on the importance of “food combining” and other experts recommend not mixing fruit with other foods (they say to eat fruit on its own on an empty stomach and wait 10 minutes before eating other foods) If however you do not have any digestion problems you may want to add various fruits, especially berries fresh or frozen. No more than 1 cup of fruit should be added.
■(Optional) Add ground up Apricot kernels (no more than 6 kernels per day). Or you may decide to eat these apricot kernels on their own.
Nausea – Some people get nausea from the ground flaxseeds, to counter this by taking a small bowl of papaya immediately afterwards or some fresh peppermint tea. Also, put a lot of papaya into the morning muesli too, it may be there is a special enzymes in the papaya that quells the nausea.

The Basic Rule with the Budwig diet is “if God made it, then its fine and try to eat it in the same form that God made it”. Here are some foods that many are not sure of, but they are accepted on the Budwig diet.

■Stevia, raw non-pasteurized honey, Xylitol (from Birch trees), dates, dates, figs, berry and fruit juices serve as sweeteners.
■Herbs in their natural form (pure nothing added)
■All nuts (raw unroasted) are fine except peanuts
■All seeds good, sunflower seeds are very complete and filling
■Raw un processed cocoa, shredded (unsweetened coconut)
■Cup of black tea is accepted (coffee beans are toxic and not recommended)
■Any flour is permissible as long as it’s 100% whole grain. Corn is best to avoid because of mold/fungus and genetic manipulation
■2 or 3 slices of health food store pickles (no preservatives! – read label!)
■Freezing cottage cheese /Quark as well as fruits and vegetables is ok.
■VERY IMPORTANT: The flaxseed oil must always be kept in the refrigerator. It will keep for 12 months in the freezer. Arrange to purchase as direct as possible from a manufacturer (like Barlean’s) and when it arrives put it right away in the refrigerator. Or arrange with the local health shop to keep a supply in the refrigerator for you.
■Drink only distilled water or reverse osmosis water.
Foods to avoid according to Dr. Budwig

■NO hydrogenated oils, NO trans-fats, (instead consume all cold pressed oils, such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil, etc)
■NO animal fats NO pork (pigs are the cleaners of the earth and their meat is loaded with toxins. ham, bacon, sausages, etc should be avoided)
■NO seafood (lobsters, clams, shrimp, all fish with a hard shell are cleaners of the sea and are loaded with toxins..)
■White regular pasta is eliminated, as is white bread, (Kamut or Spelt pasta and bread is a better choice than wheat) many patients have an intolerance to wheat, whole Rye, Oat, Multigrain bread is good. Corn is very discouraged (because of mold and genetic modification issues).
■NO ice cream or dairy products (other than the cottage cheese)
■NO white sugar, molasses, maple syrup or preservatives.
■NO processed foods (NO store bought pastries), make your own with our recipes
■NO Soy products (unless fermented or used for 2 or 3 weeks at the beginning if you cannot tolerate the cottage cheese)
■Avoid pesticides and chemicals, even those in household products & cosmetics. Good old vinegar, as well as baking soda are excellent household cleaners (look on the Internet for more info)
■NO microwave, NO Teflon or aluminium cooking ware or aluminium foil. We recommend and provide during your stay at Budwig Center enamel cooking ware. Stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, glass and corning cooking wear are fine.
Dr. Budwig warned against using her protocol in conjunction with other therapies that could go against the benefits of her formula. Oxygen therapies, Laetrile (Vitamin B17 injections), Vitamin C infusions should not be combined with the program. Check with the Budwig Center if you are not sure.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Although the Budwig diet will help immensely in your quest for abundant health, alone it may not be enough, especially if your condition is at a more advanced stage.

Whether you have cancer or other chronic health condition, it’s a very personal thing. What works for one patient, may not work for another. Each patient responds differently to disease and to the different treatments that are available.

Enjoy Some Sunshine – Relax
We want you to get a reasonable amount of sunshine every day if you can. One of the significant aspects of Dr. Budwig’s work is that she has discovered, (or rather rediscovered) the affinity of the human body with the sun. If the body has the right balance of oils and proteins, it has a magnetic field which attracts the photons in sunlight and thus is open to the healing powers of the sun.

(For more info Google Budwig Protocol )
I have a brilliant book on nutrition by Patrick Holford
(I went to one of his seminars last year and he is very good - talks a lot of sense.)

- For cancer he suggests the following -

Increase - high-antioxidant foods ,    •Amla Fruit
•Acai Berries
•Citrus Fruits
•Raw Cabbage
•Green Leaf Vegetables
•Green and Red Bell Peppers


Cut out red meat, alcohol, smoking, high fat diet, HRT

Have an almost vegan diet - organic and raw if possible  plus oily fish - if not vegetarian.
( eat colourful variety of fruit and veg - red, orange, yellow, blue, purple).

Drink lots of water,
herbal tea, especially cat's claw (boosts immune system)

Supplements per day -

2 x good multivits and minerals

2 x antioxidant complex

4 x vit C    1,000mg ( up to 10g a day)   -   I buy it in powder form and add to drinks -
(Vit C is amazing - start high doses of this straight away if nothing else -
if it upsets your stomach there is a less acid form available on his website)

2 x essential Omega 3 and 6 oil capsules,

Vit A   3,000 mcg a day

Vit E   400 mg

Selenium    200 mcg

Eat cruciferous veg every day , (broccoli etc)
also 1 or 2 garlic cloves,
Then include in your diet
shitake musherrooms, a little turmeric,
soya milk,

Google Patrick Holford for more info!