Advanced Hypnotherapy
               Sandie Cunningham

Lack of confidence

Lack of Confidence and Low Self-Esteem!
Most people secretly suffer from this at some time in their lives, especially when they are feeling low, exhausted, run down or depressed

Positive Affirmations will help you feel good about yourself!

(Hypnotherapy uses positive affirmations and suggestions as part of the treatment.
Being in hypnosis allows these to make a deep and lasting impression on your mind.)

Choose some that suits you from the list below or better still— make up your own unique ones.
Repeat your affirmations over and over
to yourself, every day.

* ‘Every day, in every way, I am becoming
happier and healthier and wiser’

* ‘I am intelligent and I am caring.’

* ‘I am strong and I am confident.’

*‘My heart is full of love, peace and joy.’

*‘My life is rich and has meaning.’

* ‘Whatever happens in my life I’ll cope with it.’

*‘I am calm, relaxed and confident’

* ‘Life’s trials help me learn and grow’.

* ‘All is well, there is nothing to fear.’

* ‘I am creating a beautiful, happy life ‘

* ‘I see God’s miracles all around me’.

* ‘I am never alone, God is always with me’.

*‘The power of God is within me
      The grace of God surrounds me.’

Eventually they will go into your subconscious
and your self-esteem will grow!
Hypnotherapy enables positive affirmations to go directly ( and very quickly) into your subconscious mind!