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I have a background in education (both primary and secondary),
where I taught biology, science, art/pottery and worked with special needs children.
I have attended a variety of counselling courses (Compass etc) and
worked as a volunteer bereavement counsellor
( for West Lancs Bereavement Counselling Services) and on a
national charity telephone helpline (Samaritans) before training
as a Hypnotherapist  and Hypnohealer.

Animals have always been important to me and for over three years
I worked as a volunteer 'Talkies' presenter for the PDSA - giving talks
to Women's groups, schools etc about the work of the PDSA and animal

For many years I have been a keen potter and now also gives
pottery tuition as therapy  (‘Play with Clay’) to  help you
de-stress and build confidence. 

  In 1999 I had to give up a job I loved, teaching ‘Special Needs’ children,
due to Clinical Depression.
I stayed in bed, almost continually, for months—
too depressed to get up, all my motivation and energy gone. I couldn't answer the phone or the front door - even to friends and family

Although initially I had counselling and antidepressants it was only after having a course of hypnotherapy  that I really started to get my confidence and my life back  - which I would have previously thought impossible.

The other thing that helped me greatly was getting a puppy called Max - I had to get up to look after him and take him out for a walk .The sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and meeting people again, in the park (some of whom also had depression!)  helped me get my life restarted .
(NB It would however, be unfair to give a depressed person sole responsibility for looking after a pet as they may not cope unaided and the pet would suffer)

My Training
As Hypnotherapy helped me so much I have now trained and qualified as a Hypnotherapist - in order to help others.
In 2008 I trained at the Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing (Liverpool/London)
The course not only consisted a great deal of research into the history of Hypnosis and the workings of the mind  (especially the subconscious ) but also over a hundred hours of practical work!  (which very few other hypnotherapy colleges offer)

                  I am a member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy and a
                                         Member of UKCHO 
                           ( UK  Confederation of hypnotherapy Organisations )
Hypnotherapist Sandie Cunningham