Advanced hypnotherapy
Sandie Cunningham


Everyone knows that diets don't work  for the majority of people !
In fact - less than 10%
And the awful truth is that most people on diets eventually end up putting on
more weight, than they were at the beginning of the diet.
Diets just make people obsess about food !
(You get more of what you focus on!)

Hypnotherapy DOES  work in  over 70% of cases
providing the person  -
1. REALLY, REALLY  wants to loose weight for themselves - not just to please others!
2.  Follow the hypnotherapist advice exactly and listens to the special personalised CD every day.
3. Accepts  that they will probably loose weight from their face and bust before other problem areas.

With my hypnotherapy you FOCUS on gaining

a slim, healthy body

not losing anything!

I personally know it works - as I lost two stone myself whilst working with weight loss clients!

Hypnosis for Weight Loss? - Andrew weil MD.

Is hypnosis magic? No, but it certainly can help with weight control. Steven Gurgevich, Ph.D., an experienced hypnotherapist, says that mind-body techniques can be very effective for reinforcing motivation, self-discipline and willpower. They can also help people change their behavior and attitudes about eating, physical activity, shopping for food and restaurant dining.

According to Dr. Gurgevich, the suggestions offered to your unconscious mind during a hypnotic trance can remove psychological obstacles to weight loss and strengthen the ego, as well as encourage changes in body image, metabolism and the body's set point (its comfortable weight).